10 Best Android Apps for Musicians


Whether you are a seasoned pro or just a budding musician, the ever-changing tech world has allowed creating music to become a more on-the-go experience. Gone are the days when you had to be at your mixing board or in your home studio. Now, it is easy to find an app for almost every aspect of making music. With that in mind, here are ten of the best Android apps for musicians – be sure to check them out.

#1 Drumgenius


Essential for every musician is a good drum and a loop machine. Drumgenius is a perfect app for this, emulating the sounds of the best of these instruments. It includes more than 367 loops and covers every genre from rock to jazz and everything in between.

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#2 Perfect Ear 2

perfect ear 2

This is an extremely popular app for both novice and experienced musicians. Your current level of musical training does not matter – playing by ear and improving your rhythm is always a helpful activity. Perfect Ear 2 develops the success of its highly acclaimed precursor, Perfect Ear, which was also a great tool for ear training.

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#3 PitchLab Guitar Tuner (PRO)

guitar tuner

Guitar tuners are among the most popular types of apps, partly because you do not need to spend money on a physical tuner or carry it around with you. There are plenty of guitar tuner apps to choose from, and PitchLab Guitar Tuner is one of the best, providing a variety of features for both amateurs and pros.

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#4 Metronome Beats

metronome beats

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced musician, you know that one of the toughest aspects to master initially is rhythm. Which is why a good rhythm-building app is necessary. A metronome is a great way to make sure your rhythm and timing is tight and spot-on.

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#5 Smart Voice Recorder

smart voice recorder

If you are ready to start thinking about performing and recording, this app is worth checking out. While an app cannot provide a true recording experience, some apps like this one provide the ability to record on the fly to see how you sound.

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#6 Drum Metronome

drum metronome

If you are looking for a drum-based metronome app, then this one is worth having a look at. Drum Metronome offers 40 different drum patterns, and you can adjust the BPM from 60 all the way to 300.

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#7 Midi Commander

midi commander

Modern musicians are well-versed in using MIDI controllers and know how much can be achieved with their help. Every year more advanced MIDI controller apps become available. Compared to many other apps, this one is much more advanced and very technical, but if you understand MIDI, you can create great things with it.

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#8 n-Track Studio DEMO

n-track demo

This is only a demo version, so there is limited functionality until you buy the full unlocked version for $19.99. However, a studio mixer and recorder are two essential components if you wish to fine tune and perfect your recordings on the fly. At least with the demo version you can check out the functionality and decide if it is a good fit for you and whether you want to spend your money on it.

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#9 SoundCloud – Music & Audio


This one is not as technical as the others and is a more subtle app for musicians, used primarily to share and discover new music. However, it has many other uses from recording podcasts to interacting with fans, and features a fantastic functional diversity. Whether you want to promote your music or you are looking for inspiration, SoundCloud is an excellent option.

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#10 MuseScore


Just as ear training is essential to musicians, so is reading sheet music. Whether you want to improve your sight reading skills or you want an app that has a good choice of scores, MuseScore is worth having a look at. The app lets you first hear the scores being played and then adjust the tempo if you need to.

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