10 Main Tips for Mastering Android Wear 2.0


While traditional watches tell the time, Android Wear watches make the most of your time. In an instant, you can check when and where you’re meeting a friend, whether you’ll need an umbrella tonight, or how many minutes you’ve been active today—all without reaching for your phone. Android Wear 2.0  gives you more informative watch faces, better workouts, new ways to use apps, more ways to stay in touch and on-the-go help from the Google Assistant.

1) Change your face

Android Wear watch face

One of the first things you’ll want to try is changing your watch’s face. Just swipe right-to-left on the watch face to bring up your array of ‘favourite’ faces.

To start with there’ll just be a few in here. Scroll to the right and you can add more to this selection from the list of all the installed ones. Google’s own watch faces are pretty, but there are also loads more available to download from Google Play too.

2) Using the watch as a phone unlocker

Android Wear and phone combo

You can make your phone auto-unlock whenever it’s connected to your watch.

The phone is secure should you accidentally leave it somewhere, but you don’t have to type-in your pin or use the fingerprint scanner 700 times a day. All you need to do is add the watch as a ‘trusted’ device in the Secure Lock part of Settings on your phone. You can actually do this with any Bluetooth device, but a smartwatch is just about perfect for the job.

3) Find your phone

Find phone with Android Wear

Here’s a feature called Find My Phone. It should come preinstalled on any Wear 2.0 watch and simply makes your phone ring after a few seconds: just to it doesn’t instantly start bleating in case you accidentally run the app.

4) Streamline notifications

Android Wear notifications

Just tap the little cog icon at the top of the screen, then select Block App Notifications in the menu that pops-up. Here you can add to the blacklist of apps that send you notifications you really don’t need to see on your wrist.

5) Cinema-proof your smartwatch

Mastering Android Watch

If you’re in the cinema your smartwatch screen should be off.  It takes about 1.5 seconds. Just swipe down, or flick your wrist down (with gestures enabled), from the watch face then tap the little icon that looks like a watch. This will kill the screen until you press the power button.

6) Eke out more battery life

Android Watch battery life

Turn off the always-on screen function. Swipe down from the watch face, tap the little cog icon, then Display. Now un-toggle “Always-on screen” down at the bottom of this menu.

7) Make friends with Google Assistant

Android Watch Google Assistant

There are two quick routes to accessing the Google digital assistant. You can just say “OK Google” while using the watch or, if you want to keep the chat to a minimum, just long-press the power button.

8) Find 100 new watch faces

Android Watch skins

Your Wear watch probably comes with a half dozen or so faces.  There’s also an app that’ll give you easy access to a whole new galaxy of faces. It’s called Facer. Install this using the Play Store app then select Set Watch face from within the store app once it’s done. Skip back to the watch display.  Install the Facer app on your phone and you can sync over a new face in a few seconds.

9) Turn it into your wallet

Android Watch wallet

You’ll need sync a card to Android Pay using your phone and the Pay app, but can then buy items just by waving the watch over a contactless pad in a shop. Quickly double press the function button on your watch and it’ll zap over to the Pay app.

10) Track your sleep

Android Watch sleep tracker

You can use the watch to monitor your sleep time using a third-party app, called Sleep as Android. Download this right from the watch using the Google Play app, fire it up as you’re getting ready for bed and it’ll do the rest. For best results either wear the watch as you sleep or keep it by your pillow so it can monitor your movements.

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