2015’s Most Underrated Android Phones on the Market


Almost every month, big companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, and HTC are producing phones more than what we can handle. That’s the reason why many great phones are standing behind the shadows of these companies, so we are going to list the phones and explain why we think they are the most under-rated Android phones of 2015.

OnePlus X

Oneplus X Review

OnePlus knows exactly how to be a hit. An example of that is when they introduced OnePlus X. One thing that OnePlus does best is to seek attention from the market, but why is this phone still under-rated?

OnePlus X has an excellent build quality, an affordable price, a MicroSD slot, and great software features. Its design is really stunning. You can’t even tell that the phone is inexpensive. It’s just that the OnePlus X is not a powerhouse.

On the surface, OnePlus X is a really great Android phone offered at an affordable price, but it’s not getting the same attention unlike in some parts of the world. The main reason we can think of is because of the limited LTE support in the US. If you are planning to buy an Android phone with an affordable price, you can add this phone to your list of options.

Nexus 5X

Google Nexus 5 Review

Nexus 5X is the successor of Nexus 5, but it’s not getting much of attention unlike when LG released Nexus 5. The design of Nexus 5X is very convenient because it is light, allowing you to use it with just one hand. Also, the camera adapts well in any lighting situations and captures photos with rich details, while the display offers 1080p resolution with vivid, crisp and great details.

Nexus 5X is a great phone. It’s an updated version of Nexus 5 with better hardware, and with more Android updates coming from Google. That means LG has put the things that can make Nexus 5X a good phone. Also, Nexus 5X shares the same features of Nexus 6P – the fingerprint scanner and camera module. Still, it gets less attention than Nexus 6P, even if the two share the same feature.

The same thing happened to Moto X Play and Moto X Pure. Moto X Play has been living in the shadows of Moto X Pure. With that said, it’s a shame that people are not taking notice of Nexus 5X.

Honor 7

Honor 7 Review

Honor 7 is an inexpensive phone, but don’t let the word “inexpensive” fool you. Its affordability didn’t affect its quality because it still offers a strong, premium looking device that can compete with other flagship phones. Aside from its affordability, the newly added upgrades of this Huawei device, especially the fingerprint scanner and the front-facing flash, make it a great device.

Honor 7 is one of the best-looking phones out in the market. It has good specs sheet, great features that can make other brand fanatics jump over to Huawei, and a premium aesthetics.

Unfortunately, even with the added upgrades, Honor 7 is not yet up for the challenge because it’s still running Huawei’s EMUI and the fact that you can’t buy this device officially in the US is the main reason why it is still under-rated.

Xiaomi Mi 4c

Xiaomi Mi 4c Review

Aside from Honor 7, Xiaomi Mi 4c is another phone that you can’t get in the US. Xiaomi Mi 4c has earned a lot of good points: premium look, unique user interface, good and respectable hardware, good camera, and a price of US $260.

Xiaomi Mi 4c is really a new game-changer coming from a foreign brand. Aside from its low price, the built, performance, and hardware made it more remarkable, but again, the attention is placed in China, India, and the Philippines.

Like most foreign brands going in the US, the devices produced by foreign brands were all under-rated, but Xiaomi Mi 4c is a different talk. Its price, built and performance made the brand Xiaomi popular in the Western media.

Asus Zenfone 2

Asus Zenfone 2 Review

The last phone that will be in our list is the Asus Zenfone 2. With its incredibly low price, 4GB of RAM, 64-bit CPU, customizable UI, Pixel Master Technology, premium looks and build quality, dual-sim, microSD card slot, and fast-charging battery technology, how can you not pay attention to this phone?

Have we mentioned the price? For the price of US $300, you can buy it and enjoy the unique features that it has to offer.

To sum up, Asus Zenfone 2 is not only affordable, it is also a great looking device with solid camera sensors, good battery life, and multi-tasking capabilities. Asus Zenfone 2 really deserved more attention than what it currently receives.

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