3 Great Photo Editing Apps for Your Android Device


Smartphone camera technology for the most part replaced point-and-shoot digital cameras with performance that is as good, if not better, along with extra help from apps. We thought we would share three of the best photo editing apps available for your Android device.

VSCO Cam: The Android favorite

VSCO Cam screenshot

One of the most downloaded Android photo apps is VSCO Cam. It’s the dream of every photographer to be able to combine a dedicated camera app with solid editing features, with its own kind of Instagram-like upload page.

One of the cool features VSCO Cam has to offer is the easy one-click fix for photos in using basic filters, with more in-depth options available within the app if you want to get into the nitty gritty of editing your photos.

The minimal interface of VSCO Cam ensures it’s easy to learn, but its professional features allow the more serious photographers to meet their needs, all in one app. It’s an amazing package – some of the editing features of VSCO Cam are the most usable and easy to understand of any Android app, providing subtle improvements that create a dynamic image without looking unprofessional. Best of all – this is a free app!

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Snapseed: For the experienced photographer

Snapseed Screenshot

Professionals from Nik Software developed Snapseed. This app is perfect for touching up your photos. Some of the standard tools include contrast, saturation, and brightness, along with the ability to auto correct in one simple move.

You can make fine adjustments with some touch-gestures, and if you are looking for a more physical interaction, you can also have that. You can edit and customize every selection within your photo.

Snapseed has mainly become so well known because of the filters it offers, such as Drama, Retrolux, Tilt Shift, Vintage, Grunge, and many other neat choices. The bonus? There are no ads and it costs nothing. That’s certainly a win!

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Photo Lab Picture Editor FX: Great Customization

Photo Lab Android Screenshot

Photo Lab might be lacking serious editing tools, but the amount of customization you have at your fingertips more than makes up for it: landscapes, photo frames, colors, stickers, effects, icons, filters, etc. are all there for you to spice up your photographs however you like.

Make no mistake – Photo Lab cannot compete with apps like Snapseed or PhotoShop if you are looking for some serious photo-fixing, but it is top-notch if you are looking to have some fun with your photos and does offer a lot of variety for you to use.

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These are just three out of the many photo apps that are available for Android. Be sure to check them out!

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