3D Touch Now Available on Android for Instagram


On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the hottest feature that everyone is talking about is “3D Touch.” This is a method of interacting with your iPhone by simply pressing harder on your phone’s screen than you normally would. This is similar to the Apple Watch feature called “Force Touch.” 3D Touch has more pressure sensitivity levels than Force Touch.

Why do we need Force Touch or 3D Touch? What’s the point? The point is that it provides faster access to your phone’s options and the most common actions, so you need fewer taps to get where you are going. Really, it’s just a hyped-up right click or long press. Of course, it’s advantageous in some ways, but when it comes to features, it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary.


Instagram was one of the first apps to get on the 3D Touch bandwagon, which allowed users to preview an image in their search results just by pressing harder on the screen. After testing on iOS for a few months, the developers of the app were quick to recognize that to preview an image you actually didn’t need a force-sensitive touchscreen, so they decided to offer an Android version of the app.

Now, Android users zoom in on an image thumbnail just by using a long press. When you drag your finger away from the image center, it shrinks back to the thumbnail size. If you move over any of the buttons under your picture, you can share it and/or like it, and you never have to lift their finger. When you hover over any of the buttons, it offers a pleasant haptic feedback.

Now that Instagram is available for both iPhone and Android, there’s no one being left out.

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