4 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Android Phone Safe


Our phones have become the hubs of our lives, and you want to know that it’s safe. Safe from loss or theft, safe from your personal information being appropriated by unscrupulous companies and hackers.

This is a helpful walkthrough of simple things you can do to keep your Android device safe from malware, theft, and everything in between.

#1 Lock your screen

Setting up a password on Android

Having some sort of security on your lock screen is just common sense if you don’t want people getting into your phone… but not all security options are made equal. A pattern might seem convenient, but it’s not as secure as a PIN or a fingerprint (and strange as it may seem, using your face to unlock your phone is even easier to break through).

If you really want strong security consider using a password. It takes longer to type out, but the sheer number of possible combinations make it the most secure option.

#2 Back up your phone

Android security

It’s not just the fact that our data might get into the wrong hands when our device is lost or stolen that it worrying – it’s also the fact it will no longer be in our hands. Backing up Android is essential, and in doing so you can tie everything to your Google account rather than a piece of hardware that could break at any point.

Backing up Android also means things such as your photos and videos are accessible through any web browser signed into your Google account, and that next time you buy a new phone you won’t have to manually download and install all your favourite apps.

#3 Encrypt Android

Security measures for Android

Those wanting to secure their Android device will more than likely have spotted the encryption option in Settings > Security > Encryption. This scrambles all the data on the phone – apps, media and more – until you put in the decryption password, which you will need to do every time you turn it on.

Encrypting and decrypting your data takes time, and for the majority of people it’s an unneccessary step that will simply slow things down. However, if your device contains extra-secure information, it’s a possibility you might like to consider.

#4 Safe browsing

How to keep your Android secure

When you are searching the internet for information you want to know the pages you view are safe for your phone. This can be done by the use of apps that protect you from sites with bad reputations. One of these is known as Web of Trust (WOT) which lets you know how safe a site is, and can block dangerous ones from damaging your phone.

The Internet is everywhere these days, but so are the dangers. Be aware of them, and take action to protect yourself, and you and your devices will be safe.

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