5 Best New Android Smartphone Accessories to Use in 2017


There are many many Android smartphones available on the market, and with all those choices it is no wonder there are so many interesting and cool accessories on the market that you can choose from. At the same time making choices in the Android accessory market can be overwhelming, so we have put together a list of 5 of the best, latest and greatest android smartphone accessories for you – that should help take the guesswork out of it.

Whether your thing is music, photography or something else there is something in this list that will make your phone even more powerful. Keep reading to discover our favorite android smartphone accessories.

#1 VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Headset

VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Headset

If you are in the market for a Bluetooth headset, VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Headset is one of the tiniest ones on the market today. It supports music playback, comes with noise-cancelling features, and it supports multipoint connections. If you use your Android phone for work, this can be a very handy accessory to let you take your calls on the go and for you to take calls hands-free while you drive. The battery is good for around four hours of talk time.

#2 Wilson Electronics Signal Booster Kit

Wilson Electronics Signal Booster Kit

Wilson Electronics recently rebranded as WeBoost, and they specialize in gadgets that will boost your cell signal. If you reside or work in a region that has terrible cell coverage, this is a very helpful accessory so that you can get the most out of your Android device.

The Wilson Electronics Pro 70 signal booster was recently renamed the Wireless Product of the Year at CES 2015, but the company also provides several additional signal boosters at a lower price point. This signal booster will increase both your voice and your 3G data signals for all your major North American cell carriers.

#3 Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for if you like to listen to music in the bath or shower, or while you are hanging at the pool. Recharge will take no more than three hours, and you will get about 12 hours of playtime with the speakers at 80% percent volume. These speakers are officially rated at IP54, which means it can handle being splashed by water, and they are protected against dust although they are not completely sealed against dust.

#4 Tile

Tile for Android

You can attach Tile to any object you wish to track like your car keys. Using your smartphone, you can use the companion app to fine out where your Tile is located. The Tile is water-resistant, and the battery lasts for one year. If you misplace an item that has Tile attached to it, you can tag it as “Lost” and let other users around the globe help you find the item.

Tile isn’t new – it’s been around for some time, but it began life as an iOS accessory. It was only just recently that this accessory became available for Android devices. According to the Tile website, the Tile works with the following Android devices: HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, LG Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 4. If the Android device doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0 it won’t be Tile compatible.

#5 iClever FM Transmitter

iClever FM Transmitter

iClever FM Transmitter will work with both Android and iPhone. This car charger lets you listen to music on your device, and has an auto-scan function that help you locate that “empty” radio station quickly. Whether you desire a method to charge your device on the fly, or you simply want to be able to play music on your device in an older model car, this is a great choice. With more cities and states cracking down on driving and using your cell phone while driving, this device lets take calls, hands-free.

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