6 Best Root Apps for Android


If you’ve decided now is the time to root your phone, you really are in for a treat, because there’s a brand new world of modifications, custom ROMS, and tweaks waiting for you. Once you are rooted, you are ready to begin installing as many root apps as you like. These apps make use of root privileges to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Here are our picks for the best root apps for Android.

#1 SuperSU – best Android superuser app


If you are rooted, you need SuperSU, because it makes for a perfect couple. Yes, you can avoid using this app, but the question becomes, why would you want to? SuperSU is the best root assistant to be found, so much so that a number of rootable kernels require you to install it. Basically, the job of SuperSU is to manage the apps superuser has permissions to, in addition to other cool stuff.

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#2 System App Remover – best app for removing bloatware


A rooted Android user should remove all of the pre-installed system apps, which are also called bloatware, which come installed on almost all new phones, and as a result it, waste valuable system resources and internal storage. The trouble is it isn’t easy to recover this memory, but you can remove these apps to stop your CPU and battery drainage. System App Remover is the perfect tool for removing bloatware.

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#3 Titanium Backup – best backup app


Backups are a necessary part of a rooted phone owner’s collection. Titanium Backup is one of the best backup solutions available. This is especially true once you are rooted. Prior to delving into system modifications and tweaks, it’s a smart idea to do a full backup before undertaking any of these changes, just in case something goes awry. Titanium Backup takes the pain out of creating your backups and then managing them.

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#4 Tasker – best app for system automation


Tasker is referred to as the Lord of the Rings of root apps. It’s complex, huge, and daunting, but if you are willing to totally commit yourself, you will be fully repaid. As a full system automation app, Tasker gives you the ability to automate anything you regularly do with your Android phone, from tasks to setting up scheduled activities.

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#5 Better Battery Stats – best app for battery management

battery stats

Almost everyone loves good battery stats, but you want to root your Android phone, you likely have a higher interest in battery consumption. Better Battery Stats does exactly that, offering superior detail and informative breakdown of your battery usage. A great deal of this information is available with Android Marshmallow. However, if you haven’t updated yet, Better Battery Stats is still the first thing to consider.

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#6 Datasync – best app for multiple device owners


DataSync is one of those features that not so long ago you wouldn’t have believed could exist, but actually this root ability has been around for a while. DataSync allows you to sync your devices together, letting you put one device down and pick up another at the point you left off. For example, you can put down your phone when you get home, and pick up your tablet continuing to read your book from the same place on the train.

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