6 Popular Puzzle Games for Android


During winter, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors with our electronic gadgets. This is one of the reasons we have been having a look at the latest puzzle games and determining which are the best. Here are the best 6 puzzle games for Android.

The Room 2

The Room 2 Screenshot

This puzzle game might not be action-packed but it is atmospheric. It’s a slow burn and you will find it very rewarding. If Candy Crush isn’t for you, then you might just like The Room 2. Observation is important here because you will need to explore various rooms and objects in an attempt to put the riddles and clues together.

The Room 2 was created for mobile platforms so it’s perfect for Android. The impressive graphics run smooth and the game is definitely engaging.

Get The Room 2 | $1.99


Limbo Screenshot

Limbo is as disconcerting as it gets with puzzles, putting you in charge of a somewhat stretchy young boy who has a liking for dying in dreadful ways. Your job is to direct him through the netherworld which is made up of puzzles that get increasingly difficult as he looks for his sister.

It has stunning, if not even somewhat disturbing, visual and auditory components. While the difficulty increases as you go along, it never gets too tough, as it is designed to be less of a challenge and more of an experience. This is the perfect game for late nights when the lights are out and you are alone in the room.

Get Limbo | $4.99

Monument Valley

Monument Valley Screenshot

The sonic and visual experience of Monument Valley alone would earn it a place on this list, and, in addition, it feels like you are engaging in a magical act. You have control over the Princess Ida. You must guide the hooded princess through Escher-like scenes while relying on an isometric viewpoint and the handling of the architecture in order to accomplish the task.

The game is very clever and quite pretty, and one never becomes frustrated with the puzzles. It’s fairly short, but there is a little story that runs through it, combining all the other elements to raise Monument Valley far above the traditional ‘tap this here, build this here, wait 5 minutes then repeat.’

Get Monument Valley | $3.99

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 Screen

Cut the Rope 2 is a fun and light-hearted puzzler that is similar to Angry Birds. You’ll be cutting ropes with just a swipe of your finger, delivering sweet treats to a lazy, greedy frog-like creature named Om Nom.

It begins fairly easy, but rapidly the pace picks up, with new challenges being introduced and mini-games spicing the game up. Cut the Rope 2 might be simple but it’s addictive – be warned, this is a fearsome time-waster.

Get Cut The Rope 2 | Free

Two Dots

TwoDots Screenshot

Your task is to join the two dots, which are on some kind of mission for one reason or another. The focus of the game is relatively simple: you will connect same-colored dots so that you can progress through the growing number of levels – there are a whopping 510 levels. Be warned that this game is a highly addictive follow-up to Dots, which was highly successful. There’s a reason very little has changed.

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Threes Screenshot

Threes! has been overshadowed by 2048, which is its free-to-play clone. Threes! can be exasperatingly hard at times, but we assure you that you’ll always come back to it. The rules are very simple – you need to add the ones to twos, and from there you need to combine similar numbers to double them up. It has a charming visual aesthetic in all its simplicity, and the blocks are very talkative with tons of character. You’ll find Threes! a far superior experience to 2048!

Get Threes! | $2.99

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