With Superbook, Your Android Phone Is Finally Your Laptop


We far more frequently use our phones as portable gaming machines and entertainment gadgets than devices for actual communication. If only we could have all the functionality of a laptop on our phones as well. Good news, Andromium’s Superbook does just that.

What is Superbook?

Already, Superbook has been able to raise over $1.3 million using Kickstarter, and it offers an excellent price because less than one hundred dollars will get you a 11.5” screen, a multi-touch trackpad and keyboard, and an 8-hour battery life. It is advertised as a shell of a laptop, extending your Android phone to laptop functionality.

With Superbook, you can do everything you can do on your phone, and particularly, you can type without fat-thumbing all your text messages.

“Superbook is our attempt at turning smartphones into laptop solutions. Basically, in the history of computing, there have been many attempts to allow you to use your cellphone as a laptop,” says Andrew Jiang, co-founder of Andromium.

“You know, dumb hardware shells — laptop shells — but all the processing happens on your phone. The idea is that since cell phones are getting more and more powerful, they’re cheaper than everything, so why not run everything on it? All the information on apps is already on your phone, so why not keep a shell in the office and a shell at home, and, instead of lugging around your laptop, just plug your phone in?”

Who can benefit from Superbook

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Superbook provides a solution for those workers in developing countries that have mobile devices but possess very little access to computers. Jiang says, “When you try to get out of poverty in developing country, the best thing you can do to shift into an upper-income bracket these days is to become a mobile developer, starting as a freelancer on Odesk, or something along those lines.”

“We ourselves work with a few developers in these countries, and for them, a lot of really positive things happen when laptop productivity is possible. One of our main goals is to bring that to everyone else.”

Yet another additional Superbook benefit is that there’s no having to worry about data sync since your phone is going to be the primary device. Whether you are on mobile and on the go or plugged in, your Superbook will have the same music, documents, and data right there with you. If you are a person that packs around multiple hard drives, this could be a real benefit.

Superbook is a progressive new tech

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Superbook is blurring the lines between laptop and phone and could bring in a whole new future where there will be no need for any computing device outside of the one in our pocket.

Superbook is only available for Android. Time will tell the effect Superbook will have on the ongoing battle between Android, Apple iOS, and Android.

Are you going to use Superbook? Tell us in the comments and check out Nexus’ next flagship and Xiaomi Mi 5 rumors.

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