Apple Music for Android: the Struggle Continues


Now that Apple Music for Android has left behind the public beta period, it has updated to version 1.0 and with it has been added a set of equalizer settings to mark the milestone, and in addition, there has been numerous performance improvements. However, it might be that Apple will have a difficult time persuading early adopters of that.

Likely the reason that he equalizer settings took longer for the Android is because it needed to be built into the Apple Music app, whereas in the iOS version of the app these controls were part of the Settings menu.

The Apple Music team pointed out that the Android app has passed on a host of playback, stability and performance enhancements. However, the team’s release notes for the app didn’t detail those improvements.

Was the patch enough?

Apple Music for Android phones

It seems that many Android users did not find these improvements adequate, from over 88,000 reviews the app’s aggregate score is 3.3 out of 5. It seems reviewers have been voicing their disproval over the app’s performance and criticizing the lack of features like being unable to conserve data with lo-fi streaming options.

Apple is off to a solid start, but there is still ground to cover in if they want to catch up with Spotify. It would appear that the Google Play Music’s streaming music market is here to stay for the long haul, and late last month France’s Deezer made its way to the USA.

In addition, Apple’s iTunes app has its own performance issues. A couple of months ago, iOS users were accused Apple of programming Apple Music to delete DRM-free music from their iTunes libraries and then having them replaced with protected copies of the tracks that they had erased.

What has your experience with Apple Music been? Have you been dealing with performance issues, after updating to version 1.0 have you seen any improvements?

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