Best 5 Sketch & Draw Android Apps for Designers


Since its inception, web development has been directly tied to computer screens. However, as technology progresses and excels, it becomes far less bulky and cumbersome, making its way from our desktops into our pockets.

And the great news is that the world of Android is not lagging behind in these rapid developments.

Now, the web designers and developers among you no longer have to be tied to desktop computers to do your designing and sketching. Nowadays, there are high-quality Android apps that can capture spontaneous ideas and help create technical designs. There is tons to choose from, so in order to save you time we have created a list of five top apps to help you design and sketch. Each one is fast and easy to use wherever you may be.

Sketcher FREE

sketcher free

Compared to Sketcher Pro, the free version of Sketcher is limited, but it is still an excellent app for storing design ideas and creating drafts without the cost of an overly complicated app.

Get Sketcher FREE | Free

AutoCAD 360

autocad 360

AutoCAD 360 is an extremely powerful app considered the most established drawing software available and one of the best of its kind for Android. You can use AutoCAD 360 to design and edit your drawings from your Android device. The app is focused on the technical side of design rather than just minimal photo editing. Thus, if you are a pro and you have strong technical needs, this app will save you time and money, because it is free.

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ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook


Next on the list is ArtFlow, a wonderful app, one of the best for drawing and sketching designs or images on the go. It is packed with great features, including layers, pressure sensitivity, and blending. It also runs a high-end rendering engine. You can even save your work as a .PSD file, which you can then open on your desktop with no loss of quality.

Get ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook | Free

SketchBook Express

sketchbook express

SketchBook Express uses the same engine as its ‘PRO’ sibling, making it a great alternative to Paperless and Skitch. While not as powerful as ArtFlow, Sketchbook Express is a great design app, and depending on your needs, it can work very well for you. The app allows you to edit up to three layers, and features dynamic symmetry, pressure sensitivity, and many more. If you are looking for an alternative to ArtFlow, then Sketchbook Pro is worth a look.

Get SketchBook Express | Free

Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet


Paperless is a great design option, especially if your goal isn’t to create a masterpiece but rather you are looking to experiment with styles or looking to do a few drafts of your ideas. You can adjust the opacity of your layers and create striking designs.

Get Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet | $1.99

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