Best Android Games You Should Be Playing: Part 3


Earlier we posted Part 2 of the ‘best of the best’ games that we have compiled for you. You can find these great Android games in the Google Play store. If you haven’t seen parts 1 and 2, you should have a look at them here and here.

Now we are going to continue to help you navigate through the very long list of game choices.

Best Android action games

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion Screenshot

When it comes to gameplay and graphics, Implosion Never Lose Hope is a very refined mobile game. This third-person action title has you slicing and dicing your way through the enemy masses in the God of War or Devil May Cry style.

You are playing as an armor-covered warrior with a sword and a gun that you use to dish out damage to mutants through a number of short and sweet locations. This game nails the controls and feel, working great whether you want to build up combos or your focus is on button-mash.

You won’t find any better graphics on the Android platform, and you will have some epic boss battles. The first few missions can be played for free, but then you will have to buy the game for US  $9.99. By then you’ll have decided if it’s worth it – we’re betting you’ll say yes.

Get Implosion – Never Lose Hope | Free

Into the Dead

Inti the Dead Screenshot

Into the Dead isn’t new to the Google Play store, but we have to mention it because we still think it’s one of the best Android action games around. It combines elements of an endless runner with a first-person shooter, sending you darting headfirst through mobs of zombies, where you’ll be constantly testing your reflexes as you try to dodge what gets in your way.

You will find weapons along the way which will help you eliminate those who are directly in your path. That includes the old zombie kryptonite – the chainsaw. It’s quite a simple frolic but also a thrilling one. Into the Dead is free in the Google Play store with in-app purchases.

Get Into the Dead | Free

Hitman: Sniper

Hitman Sniper Screenshot

For a while now, Square Enix’s Hitman series has been a huge franchise on the PC platform and consoles, and recently it has been given the smartphone and tablet treatment. The turn-based Hitman GO title was first released last year, and now we see another ‘Squenix’ release, the first-person shooter follow-up, Hitman: Sniper.

For the most part, Hitman: Sniper takes place in a fixed position looking from behind a sniper rifle scope. You are operating as Agent 47, an assassin for hire, and your task is to pick off numerous high-profile targets.

While it is easy to identify and take out the main mark, taking out the surrounding guards in the best order requires some tactical insight. There are about 150 missions so that’s going to keep you busy for a long time while costing only US $4.99. There aren’t very many Android FPSs that can cause the tension that Sniper does. Once the NPCs are onto you, your life is going to get a whole lot more hectic.

Get Hitman: Sniper | $4.99

That’s it for today. Watch for Part 4 on the best Android games coming to you very soon.

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