Best Android Games You Should Be Playing: Part 4


Earlier we created parts 1-3 of the ‘best of the best’ games that we have compiled for you. You can find these great Android games in the Google Play store. If you haven’t seen the first lists (parts 1-3), you should have a look at them.

Now we are going to continue to help you navigate through the very long list of game choices.

Best Android Racing Games

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 Screenshot

Reckless Racing 3 is Micro Machines-style racer that offers an isometric view so you can actually look down from above which results in bizarre frantic contests.

Reckless Racing 3 uses four on-screen controls to turn right and left and to drive forward and reverse. It might seem like a lot when you compare it to other racers where you only tilt the screen, but it really does handle gameplay to perfection.

However, it’s not easy to control (you’ll need lots of practice) as your car is continually sliding around the track, and it really is a struggle to keep it in place. It’s all in the control setup – that’s what makes for a great experience, and when you combine that with the 3D graphics, you get a very realistic gameplay.

Get Reckless Racing 3 | $2.90

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go Screenshot

Angry Birds Go! is a free-to-play racing game from Rovio, the team that developed the original Angry Birds that so many of us were addicted to.

It looks like a cartoon with its neatly cell-shaded graphics, and it actually plays a bit like Mario Kart. It has numerous modes that you can play, such as racing with others, avoiding obstacles, crashing through a predetermined number of items, etc.

It has the feel of Wacky Races. You can upgrade your cars, and as you progress, new characters will be unlocked, each with their own distinct characteristics. It is clear that this game had a very talented team of artists as the animations and backgrounds never let you down and are always strong. The nice shallow learning curve makes it fun and appealing to play, and after you pass the introductory levels, you are going to enjoy an entertaining ride.

Get Angry Birds Go! | Free

Riptide GP2

Riptude GP2 Screenshot

Riptide GP2 reminds of Nintendo’s classic Wave Race with its futuristic jet ski racing. The career mode is pretty typical – you get to earn money, but how much you get depends on your finishing position in the race. You use that money to upgrade your vehicle.

While it may lack originality, Riptide 2 certainly makes up for it with impressive 3D graphics and very tight controls. If you rotate your device even just slightly, it will translate precisely on-screen. Some may actually find it too sensitive, but you can customize it to your liking.

Ramps placed around the map make the race more interesting – when you successfully complete a trick on the ramps, it grants you a boost. This is a nice risk/reward scenario because if you do not land the trick correctly, it slows you down.

It’s hard to get a three-star rating on every race, but it’s also a welcome challenge in a game that handles as good as Riptide GP2 does.

Get Riptide GP2 | $1.99

That’s it for now. Don’t miss Part 5 of best Android games.

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