Best Android Games You Should Be Playing: Part 5


Earlier we published parts 1-4 of the ‘best of the best’ Android games you can find in the Google Play store. If you haven’t seen parts 1-4, you should check them out right now.

Today we are going to continue to help you navigate through the very long list of game choices.

Best Android fighting games

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions features some of the greatest Marvel characters ever. It is the Android brawler you have all been patiently waiting for. Now you can battle your way through a number of stages. As you complete levels, you will unlock new characters in this epic quest.

It is the control precision of the Marvel Contest of Champions that makes it one of the best fighters around. It feels amazingly fluid and receptive – a simple swipe in different directions with your thumbs will bring you a range of precisely animated attacks, and you don’t have to deal with those annoying on-screen controls.

You will need to have a pretty fast internet connection if you want to have some smooth play time, but if you’re just dying to battle it out as some of your Marvel favorites, you will definitely want to explore this game further. Best of all, it is free in the Google Play store, with in-app purchases.

Get Marvel Contest of Champions | Free

WWE Immortals

WWE Immortal Screenshot

WWE Immortals provides you with an over-the-top mix of fantasy and near-reality. The game blends the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us with pro-wrestlers for some hilarious and awesome fun. Enjoy the superior graphics and animations and tag up to three characters for a thrilling three-on-three match-up. Are you ready to rumble?

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Soulcalibur Screenshot

SOULCALIBUR (yes, that’s correct, it’s all caps) is a classic arcade style game. Actually, very little has  changed with this game from its release back in 1998 until now, and that speaks volumes about the mechanics of this one.

By today’s standards, you might call this a rather predictable fighting. In terms of gameplay, there are no surprises, but it’s a tried and tested formula that delivers some of the best battles in the genre. There’s no need to memorize a bunch of complex button presses to unleash a combo with your fighter. Pretty much anyone can have a good “stab’em,” “slab’em” game here. But don’t relax too much because it maintains the nuances that let you gain an edge when in combat.

SOULCALIBUR has a number of fighters, each carrying their own unique weapons and having their own moves. The major disappointment is that it does not do a good job of providing multi-player support. It’s also one of the more expensive games you will find in the Google Play store, selling at US $13.99, but you will find no purer fighting experience on Android.

Get SOULCALIBUR | $13.99

So that’s it for today in fighting games. Get ready to read Part 6 on the best Android games where we will continue our discussion of what we think is ‘top notch.’

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