Best Android Games You Should Be Playing: Part 6


Some time ago we posted parts 1-5 of the ‘best of the best’ Android games. If you haven’t seen the first five issues, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links. Or click here.

And now we are going to finish our list of top-notch Android titles with strategy and offline games.

Best Android strategy games

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Enemy WIthin Screenshot

XCOM: Enemy Within is considered to be one of the best Android strategy games available. That’s because it wasn’t created based on free-to-play principles like so many other strategy games from the Google Play store. It was created to be enjoyed by the user without having to make any other purchases.

Long before it became available for Android, XCOM had been an award-winning strategy title for the PC so you can expect to see top-end graphics and going with that a top-end Google Play price. However, as the old saying goes, you pay for what you get, and this is a game that is certainly worth the initial investment.

Get XCOM: Enemy Within | $29.99


Dominations Screenshot

DomiNations is relatively new to the Android scene, but don’t let that fool you as it has already accumulated over one million downloads and a high degree of critical acclaim. DomiNations sits somewhere between Clash of Clans and Civilization. This is a base building game where players take over an entire nation you’ll go from the stone age right to the space age, exploring, expanding, and conquering the world.

The level of strategy DomiNations provides is far beyond what is found in the majority of Android games. You’ll have decisions to make. Is it better to spend money on building up your army or should you put that money into researching new technologies at the library? You’ll be making many minute-to-minute decisions that will affect your chances of victory.

By the way, the game is free so go grab it now.

Get Dominations | Free

Best Offline Games

Ridiculous Fishing Screenshot

Currently our favorite offline game for Android is Ridiculous Fishing, mostly because it’s about so much more than just fishing for fish. You are able to blast the fish with your entire arsenal of weaponry. Who said the fish had to come out in one piece? With this game, it’s totally okay to use bazookas as a fishing tackle. So get busy and cast away.

If your data allowance is almost ate up or you are on a long trip where conserving battery life is important, you are going to want to have some offline Android games at hand.

Get Ridiculous Fishing | $2.99

And that’s it! Our 6-part list of best of the best Android games has come to an end. If you haven’t read all 6 articles, we encourage you to go back and do so now as they are packed with valuable information and links to the best Android games!

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