Best Android Launchers to Customize Your Tablet or Smartphone


One of the most notable methods you can use to customize your device is by installing an Android launcher which offers all kinds of options, icons and themes for your smartphone or tablet, and it can provide nearly complete control over how your smartphone acts when you launch apps, switch screens, and much more. Let’s look at some of the best Android launchers on the market.

Action Launcher 3: Top launcher for Windows fans

Action Launcher 3 Screenshot

Action Launcher 3 theme completely embraces Android Lollipop and works fabulously with devices that have had the popular update. One of its most loved features is a bar that is a lot like the Windows Start Menu. On the left side of your screen, you will see it pop up, and right from there you are able to launch your favorite apps with no clutter on your home screen.

You have the ability to customize your All Apps list completely the way you like and tweak the icons, colors, and layout as often as you like.

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Firefox OS: Top launcher for Firefox fans

Firefox OS Android Launcher

Firefox OS now operates as a launcher. You can now get Firefox OS on your Android device, and there is no need for you to have to flash it. It adds simple, large icons, and easy access to Firefox Marketplace along with some privacy features.

Perhaps, the icons seem extra large because they were designed for use with a lower resolution screen than on the device we used for testing. It can also lag sometimes, but that’s typical with any developer preview.

It is definitely worth trying if you’re interested in seeing what Mozilla is up to. Download the developer preview of the OS here.

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C Launcher: Top launcher for an Intuitive Device

C Launcher Screenshot

C Launcher is an impressive economic launcher that will allow you to reach even the farthest corner on your phone within seconds. C Launcher tracks your phone use to provide contextual suggestions based on which apps you generally use in a specific location. C Launcher also includes a built-in system cleaner along with thousands of themes that allow you to customize your screen. You can also quickly and easily create your own themes by using C Launcher, which provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

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Solo Launcher: Top launcher for simplicity

Solo Launcher Screenshot

What Solo Launcher lacks in its own icons, it makes up for with its sweet animations. It also has fewer widgets and bundled apps than most other launchers. Solo Launcher has some cool gesture functions to perform a search, for example, you can just make a simple upward swipe on your home screen.

However, there are no significant changes to how your device works. It is made up of more subtle changes that can go unnoticed, and this is by far its biggest strength.

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Buzz Launcher: Top launcher for the bold

Buzz Launcher Screenshot

Buzz Launcher provides some of the most creative themes available for Android. The developer has created a full range of professional-looking ideas so there is something for every taste. Buzz Launcher can’t be beaten if you want your Android to have a bold new look without having to create it yourself. You just have to download the Buzz Widget app if you want to get the most out of it.

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dodol Launcher: Top Launcher for Beginners

dodol Launcher Screenshot

It’s impressive that dodol Launcher has 10+ million installs and supports thousands of free themes. With the dodol Launcher things are kept simple and the themes are perfectly done. It does not fully rework the Android system but rather is an effective lightweight launcher which will not drain the life out of your battery with crazy animations and effects.

Here’s another great example of a launcher where less is more, and if you are new to Android customization, this is a great place to start.

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