AT&T Admits that BlackBerry Priv Performs Badly


Last year, Blackberry did what they should have done long ago — released an Android phone called BlackBerry Priv, which was one of the most anticipated smartphones after many months of rumors and leaks.

But unfortunately, the device has been far from success. AT&T has admitted that BlackBerry Priv did not sell well.

Was keyboard the downfall of Blackberry Priv?

BlackBerry Priv was a unique addition to the world of Androids — this modern flagship phone had a physical QWERTY keyboard. In fact, that’s what BlackBerry was betting big on.

Hardware keyboards were once a fairly common feature, but over time, these on-screen keyboards have radically improved and consumers have adapted. With smarter predictions, autocorrect, emoji, and swipe input, on-screen keyboards are much faster than physical keyboards.

Still, that didn’t prevent an extremely verbal minority from nearly begging BlackBerry to release a keyboard Android phone, but it seems this group was even smaller than anyone thought. According to AT&T, a large portion of BlackBerry Priv buyers were transitioning from other BlackBerry devices, and that transition to Android was pretty hard on them.

Security issues with BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry also wanted to bring its security know-how over to Android. However, it has been in the limelight because of several high-profile flaws and exploits that have occurred in recent years. Blackberry put into practice numerous features including BES12, verified boot, a hardened Linux kernel, and other functions. But in the end, it wasn’t more secure than other Android devices and didn’t influence sales much.

There is an ongoing issue relating to the software updating situation with the Priv, which is a key part of device security. The Priv phones that AT&T distributes still have not received the Android Marshmallow update because the carrier needed to certify the update and roll it out, and it’s pretty difficult to sell a phone when it runs on old software.

BlackBerry has some brainstorming to do

Blackberry Priv review

Now that Priv is doing poorly, it could spell trouble for the BlackBerry organization. Recently, AT&T passed on HTC 10 because it has had a number of years of average sales for the HTC’s flagship.

Soon, Blackberry might also have fewer carrier partners. The price point for BlackBerry Priv is $700 , which is totally unreasonable, so you must have carriers that will sell the phone with one of their monthly plans. AT&T confirms that for them, this made the phone difficult to sell.

BlackBerry has some serious work to carry out if it wants the next Android device it creates to fare better.

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6 thoughts on “AT&T Admits that BlackBerry Priv Performs Badly”

  1. ali says:

    actually the Blackberry Priv is the best phone i have ever had, i will never go back to iphone if the blackberry keeps making such a high quality products.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow, did someone take a cheap version of a Note 5 Edge and jam a keyboard up it’s butt? Seriously? Little keyboards are not where it’s going. Not everybody has little fingers, you know 😛

    Yeah, let’s pay $700 for a bad version of a phone that’s already been made and add an accessory that really went out, oh, 15 years ago.

    Nuff said?

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve had the Priv for 4 months now. Not the AT&T version. So I always get the most recent updates. The specs are great. I also use Iphone and it sucks, and Samsung S7 Edge, which doesn’t suck that much, but I’ve had to restart it a few times, it gets stuck. I love the freedom of the Blackberry – Android based, and of course, the security it offers. I’ve never felt more secure about my online data. I’m a doctor, and the privacy of my patients is paramount.

    1. androidomania says:

      Thanks for the comment! Totally, nowadays the security online should be of the utter concern. I doubt about Apple’s approach with their iCloud and stuff.

    2. docdavidbanner says:

      The Samsung S7 Edge “doesn’t suck that much”?
      Considering every major tech review site and periodical considers it the #1 or #2 phone on the market (yes, including iPhone), I’m thinking you either:
      a) rooted it to the point of instability b) got a lemon and failed to return it, or c) don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and just have a preference for Blackberry.

      I’m thinking “c”.

  4. Code Phox says:

    The prove is awesome… I had to tweek the settings in software and apps department.. But, The hardware is a perfect combination. The phone has a really good camera and its fun to take pictures with the keyboard, surfing the web is fun because of the keyboard, sending texts is fun because of the keyboard, unlocking your phone is fun because of the keyboard.. People must have forgotten that having a physical keyboard means you can type and look away from the keyboard/screen and still type accurately. Also, the physical keyboard just means you have more screen space. Don’t people know their are keyboard swipe commands also? Or you can hotkey apps to keyboard keys? Or that you can use gameboy games and use the keyboard for input? I think I will get back into programming also, using my phone on the go! Someone said the keyboard is small? NO, Its just fine or I wouldn’t enjoy typing so much.
    Also, I have the phone on Verizon not At&t. I got the phone for $400, How much was your phone and do you enjoy using it? The biggest disappointment is coming from the Note series, I can’t take the stylist with me.. SO I carry my Note around with me and my Blackberry, Lol.

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