Holofone Phablet is a New Great Android Phone with a Projector


Chinese OEM Akyumen (a-cu-men) is soon to bring a fascinating device to the Windows 10 ecosystem through Window Central. The Holofone Phablet is a 7” device that is home to an Intel Cherry Trail processor and it has a projector built in. However, even more important is its compatibility with both Windows OS and Android.

As a manufacturer Akyumen is not well known, but currently this company sells an Android phone with a built-in projector, a Windows 10 tablet, and other phone accessories. That said, the Holofone Phablet is a beast of a whole different color. Based on the device’s official spec sheet it has a “2 in 1” operating system that includes Android Lollipop and Windows 10.

It runs a complete version of Windows 10 for PCs

Holofone Windows

The Holofone Phablet has a 4G LTE chip that is GSM network compatible. What isn’t clear currently is whether it is a real phablet, which makes it usable as a phone, or a very small tablet that has data connectivity. You may not be aware that manufacturers are now permitted to develop Windows 10 devices with screens that are as tiny as 7”. In the past, before Microsoft changed the hardware requirements for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update the limit was 8”. However, Windows 10 does not contain a phone stack like Windows 10 Mobile has.

In addition, the 35 Lumen Projector the device has is designed for consumer and business use. The various marketing shots show the device used to project a Windows 10 desktop in both a living room and a business meeting. That said, there is not one shot that correctly shows Windows 10 running on the 7” Holofone Phablet.

If you are wondering, these are the full Holofone Phablet specs:

  • 2G/3G/4G LTE  (GSM) and Wifi, Wifi Direct, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
  • 7” Full HD display
  • Intel Cherry Trail z8300 quad-core processor
  • 4 Gigs of RAM
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • 128 GB of storage, upgradable
  • 13 megapixel rear camera, 5MP front camera
  • up to 35 lumens illuminated screen projector to media on screens up to 100”

When it comes to the software, there won’t be a need for the user to make compromises, because they are able to chose between Windows 10 and the Android Lollipop that is now two-year-old. This isn’t Windows 10 Mobile or Continuum, but rather the full Windows 10 for PCs version. Is the Holofone a Windows 10 PC in a tablet form that can also run Android? Is it an Android phablet with a helpful Windows PC feature? These days anything is possible.

Holofone Tablet packages

Holofone reviewAccording to their official website, the Akyumen Holofone Phablet is to become available September 1, 2016 with four package options that start at $600. The Education Package is the cheaper bundle while the most premium bundle will add a $100 game controller to the previous bundle:

Education Package

Basic Saber Stand, Screen protector, DNA Earbuds, Sabertooth Pen, Basic DNA Speakers, and Akyumen School Bag – Cost $600.

Basic Package

High quality ear buds, Sabertooth pen, screen protector, basic device stand – Cost $750.

Premium Package

External wireless Bluetooth speaker, Sabertooth pen, screen protector, high quality ear buds, Saber stand with built-in battery, providing up to an extra 5 hours of battery life – $850.

Advanced Package

High quality ear buds, Sabertooth pen, screen protector, game controller, external wireless Bluetooth speaker, Saber stand with built-in battery, providing up to an extra 5 hours of battery life – Cost $950.

We aren’t yet sure what to think about the Akyumen Holofone Phablet. Up until now, Microsoft has not been a fan of devices that feature dual operating systems, and so this device with the Windows 10/Android combo would be the first of its kind. In addition, is there is a real market for such a confusing product? The built-in projector might be a gimmick since modern Windows 10 laptops already have the ability to cast their screens using the Miracast wireless technology.

Finally, the Holofone Phablet appears quite posh for what looks like a concession product: it would have been far more interesting if it was a real phone that ran Windows 10 Mobile, but so far small Windows 10 tablets haven’t found a market niche. Let us know what you think.

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