How to Darken Your Phone’s Display and Why It’s Better to Do So


We spend a great deal of time looking at our smartphone displays, and this is not good for us. There are a number of negative effects the bright screen has. For example, it has been well documented how unnatural light negatively affects your sleep cycle.

One way for you to reduce the many negative effects from bright display is to reduce the brightness of the screen. However, your phone will only allow you to dim the screen to a certain level. On Android, you can make your smartphone display even darker.

If you want to drop your screen brightness below the minimum standard, the easiest way to do so is to go to the Google Play store and download a brightness app. Lux is an excellent example of such an app. It offers both a free and a paid version, and both let you reduce the brightness of your smartphone screen below the normal threshold.

Lux Lite Screenshot

After you install the Lux app, follow the instructions to give it access. By tapping the app icon, you can adjust your display brightness far below the normal threshold of Android. Lux’s midpoint on the brightness scale, which is zero percent, is the equivalent of the standard lowest setting of your smartphone. Lux will allow you to dim the screen way past this point, and it allows you to create a number of settings so that your smartphone could automatically adjust depending on the lighting.

A darker display improves your sleep cycle, and it will also consume less power than a brighter screen, so dimming your screen extends your smartphone battery life, which is a bonus to a healthier living.



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