How to Unlock Bonus Characters in Super Mario Run


Even though Super Mario Run isn’t out yet on Android, it’s coming this way pretty soon. In order to give you the most useful information you would need to play the game, here’s our guide on unlocking Super Mario Run’s hidden characters.

Don’t be fooled because this game carries the Super Mario name, because there are more characters that you are able to play while you romp ceaselessly through Mushroom Kingdom.

Which bonus characters are there?

Super Mario Run characters

If you want to play someone different than Mario, there are 5 different ones you can choose from:

  • Luigi
  • Princess Peach
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Yoshi

Just like with other Mario titles, there is not much that differentiates these characters from the actual character(s). As an example, Toad will run a little faster, Luigi will jump a little higher, and Yoshi is able to do a strange floaty-thing when his jump ends. If you have trouble with a level, changing characters can aid you to conquer the obstruction that’s blocking you.

Unlock Peach

Super Mario Run Peach

Peach is one of the easier ones to unlock. Well that would apply in theory anyway. All you need to do if you want to unlock Peach is win the game. Once you rescue her during the last level, it would seem she is willing to experience the trauma again including her kidnapping, ER, and rescuing. You probably shouldn’t dwell on this.

Unlocking Toad

Super Mario Run Toad

Toad is by far the easiest character for you to unlock and probably the first bonus character that you will play. All you need to do to unlock Toad, is link your existing Nintendo Account to Super Mario Run! Then you can claim Toad via the in-game rewards system.

Unlock Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette

Super Mario Run Luigi

We lump these last three together because they pretty much unlocked identically. If you want these you will need these, you will have to play the mode called Toad Rally. When you win Toad Rally you are rewarded different Toad colors, and you require a certain amount of each in order if you would like to unlock the characters.

  • Luigi needs 150 purple and 150 green Toads
  • Toadette needs a gigantic 200 of each Toad color.
  • Yoshi needs 30 red and 30 yellow Toads

After you have achieved the Toad amounts required, you can build explicit buildings that add the individual characters to the roster.

How to switch characters

Super Mario Run bonus characters tutorial

If you find you are having problems finding the characters, make sure you have checked each of the required locations:

  • The My Nintendo page needs to be checked which you can find at the top right from the Kingdom Builder screen. Ensure you claim the rewards that you want.
  • Underneath the My Nintendo button you need to check to ensure no characters waitthere for you.
  • Ensure that you have constructed the required building for the characters that need one.

After you double check everything, it is really quite simple to switch characters. Once you choose a level, on the right side of the “Start” button you will see an icon that shows the character you are currently playing. Clicking this switches and shows the characters you currently have unlocked and those you haven’t unlocked.

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