Instagram Adopted Apple 3D Technology on Android Phones


The popular Instagram had recently adopted Apple’s 3D Touch. This added feature allows an Instagram user a shortcut to its social application and wide gallery of photos, videos and other images using their Android Phones. This is an added dimension to an interactive motion across the web. Through the revolutionary application of Apple, which is the main feature of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, connecting with other Instagram users is getting simpler, quicker and easier to use.

The 3D featured application used in Instagram for Android users carries 3 major functions: Quick Actions, Peek and Pop.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions function of 3D Touch gives an Android user a jumpstart to any part of the application. At Instagram, common actions done by the users of the app are usually directed towards search, direct, activity and creation. With the quick actions function, you can directly take an action without having to go through some other routines. This directs you to a shortcut method of doing interaction.

This is actually like going through the “right-click” method on your Android device, or if you’re not familiar with this, click on the right button of your phone and your device will introduce you to a selection of options. You don’t need to go to your Home Menu and do a lot of clicks before you can finally arrive to where you really want to go and do what you want to do.

The Quick Actions function of the 3D Touch removes several in-between steps and saves you less time doing unnecessary actions.

Post and Peek

The Post and Peek feature gives the user a preview of what’s more in there to see. While you’re navigating, you don’t need to load the whole content to get a closer view. By simply holding on longer to your screen, you can take a peek of a magnified preview of the image. When you lift your finger off the screen, the image returns to its original size and you can then go back to browsing.

In this shortened process, you can have more time to spend for navigating, viewing more contents and doing a lot of action, other than waiting for an image or video to download.

The tagged image also comes with a profile header which you can find on the upper left corner of your screen. You can hold on to the profile image of the user and the app will provide you with a preview of their profile page. You may also take a peek on thumbnails to get a closer view on the content of every item.

3D Touch and sharing

Sharing images and videos, as well as liking and making comments, are now easier to handle with the 3D Touch feature. Every time you long press the image on your screen and you let your finger slip slightly to the side, three buttons will appear just below the image. Using these buttons, you can have the option to directly follow the user. If you are a follower, you can even leave some comments. These buttons are Facebook’s counterpart commands for share, like and comment. The app also uses haptic for a list of comments.

The 3D Touch feature was first available in Instagram’s app v7.13.0. After having rested for a few months, the feature was once again reintegrated in v7.14.0 and is widely-used by Instagram’s Android users.

Although Android phones are not as sensitive as Apple’s technology since you need to press the screen long enough before the app reacts, the integration of the 3D Touch in Instagram proves a viable partnership of big players in the technology industry.

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