Japanese Introduce Another Weird Android Phone You Can Bathe


Once again, another Android news had taken gadget users by surprise when Kyocera, a Japanese firm, released the first handset that you can actually clean and bathe with a bubble bath soap.

The Japanese-made Android phone called DIGNO rafre is the latest in the trend of weird but durable phones. Though there were other phones in the past that are waterproof and washable, this durable handset had surely surpassed other devices as it can resist hot water and soap elements.

Normally, an electronic device is damaged when soaked in soap and water. Soap is known to carry some interactive agents, harsh enough to reduce the water surface tension and seeps through tiny holes and gaps.

Hygiene-responsive Android

The new Android phone is basically a response to a call for personal hygiene. According to a research, a phone could carry 18 times the quantity of germs and bacteria that are found on a toilet handle. With majority using a handset, this made almost everyone accessible to various diseases. Since almost all handset users are maximizing the use of their devices, they are helping a lot in spreading them. With the hygiene-responsive feature of DIGNO rafre, users can help eliminate the spreading of germs and diseases, making it an effective tool for hygiene promotion.

The Android manufacturer’s strong belief that hygiene can be effectively promoted through washing your phone with soap and water had led DIGNO rafre to gain its entry into the technology market.

Scratch resistance

Aside from its anti-shock feature against water and soap, DIGNO rafre is also resistant to dust and scratches. The back part of the phone is made of a self-recuperating material. This element allows minor scratches to recuperate by itself.

A child-friendly phone

Digno Rafre 1

DIGNO rafre comes in three colorful designs: coral pink, cashmere white and marine navy. This phone will only be available in Japan.

The phone with its 5-inch, 1,280 pixels by 720 pixels screen is available with Android Lollipop OS. It is child-friendly as it also comes with a rubber ducky dock, making it a perfect toy for small fries and toddlers while taking their bath in a bathtub.

Nonetheless, would you allow your child to make a plaything of your expensive handset?

Other specifications

This Android phone is also pre-packaged with a dual camera system: 13 megapixels for the rear and 2 megapixels for the front. It also includes 2GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard storage, and a microSD slot if you need more storage.

DIGNO rafre supports 4G LTE and is powered by 3000mAh battery that is expected to last beyond 20 hours of calls.

No-speaker attribute

For superior protection against water element, Kyocera did not install the usual phone speakers regularly present in every modern phone. Instead of these speakers, the manufacturer used what they called “connective tissues” to produce sounds. The tiny holes in the speakers can be perfect passages for water to get into your phone, making them susceptible to damage.

The new innovation had targeted young and active people as their market.  The durable phone is sold for about 57,420 yens. This is around $470, AU$640, or 310 GBP.

Durability seems to be the trend now for Asia’s mobile phones. Only a few months ago, a Chinese phone manufacturer, Oukitel, released U7 Pro, a handset that can serve as a chopping board.

What could be the next shocking revelation in our Android news? Could somebody design a phone app that can connect our social networks beyond the universe? Who knows if someday we can go chatting with our alien counterparts out there!

Stay tuned for more crazy Android news.

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