Latest Android Phone and Contacts Apps Available on Google Play Store


Here’s a great piece of news for all Android handset users! Google had finally found a way to make things easier for you to manage your phone directory.  You can now easily locate all your contacts’ information in just one click.  With this one amazing app installed in your handy Android phone, you can efficiently organize your tasks by synchronizing your mobile phone contacts with your mail and SMS providers.

According to Google’s Android news, they had upgraded the new dialer from v2.2 to v2.3 and the contacts app from v1.2 to v1.3. Those who had preinstalled this app previously can immediately start to install them via Google Play store.

Tech-savvy users were checking on new releases from Google after the last Android 5.1 Lollipop came into the market. It had been quite a while before Google came up with an upgrade of the last one. Now that a new one is here, users are eagerly anticipating what this new OS brings.

The latest version of the dialer and contacts app is able to synchronize the following features:

Streamlined editing feature

Streamlined Editing Google App

Before you get stuck up amidst your piles of unread messages and missed calls, here’s a new way to reorganize your contacts!

With the new version, you can now edit your contacts directory without difficulty. You may update your profile inputs and sync every contact you have in your emails, SMS, calls and favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, etc.

With the latest update of this app, you can customize your contacts’ profiles on your Android phone by simply changing your contact’s usual name into any nickname you may associate them with.

Call blocking

Call Blocking Android

Tired of being spammed?

We are presently living in an era where internet marketers can access our phone directory and infringe our privacy by spamming our inbox and bombarding us with calls. With the new dialer and contacts app, you may now be able to keep them away without hurting anyone’s ego.

Integrated with the powered up ID caller and the spam-free feature is a blocking option. You may be able to block a call from a contact, but he can still leave you a voice message. With this, a contact may not know that you had actually blocked him!

Useful Information for businesses

Useful Information Google Screenshot

Your phone can let you bring your business with you anywhere you go. With the new app comes the Useful Information (UI) feature that can really make you handle your business with ease using your handy phone. You can have access to a vast array of business information online like business contacts, banking facilities, marketing and advertising resources, and so much more.

Visual mail

Google Visual Mail Screenshot

This feature can add life and more colors to your inbox. You can now easily view images and contact’s profile with photos. You can even sync them with your other Google apps like Calendar, Gmail and Google community contacts without the need to switch apps.

Voice mail

Google Voicemail Screenshot

Your latest Android app also includes a voice mail feature, depending on the agreement you have with your service provider. You can also have the option to sync it with your Google Hangout and have it handled by Google. To learn more on how to use Google dialer hangouts for your visual voicemail, check out


The app is downloadable only for Android 6 Marshmallow. This means that it is only available to Nexus handset and the news is not providing information on when they will be installing the new Android phone and contacts app to other handsets as well.

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