Lens Launcher Is Perfect for Larger Android Phones


One reason for the popularity of the Android smartphones with users is the ability to personalize them.

Users are able to change their Android’s user entire interface (UI) look and feel and dial it in to your convenience, using a group of tools that are built in along with third-party apps. While most phone manufacturers load up their phones with custom UIs that have built-in themes and wallpapers, following a fixed design language.

It’s here where Android launchers can be really helpful, because these launchers don’t have to follow the rules that apply to phone makers and as a result sometimes offering surprisingly exclusive looking UIs.

The latest Android launcher was developed by developer Nick Rout and is called Lens Launcher, and it offers a completely new viewpoint on how an interface should look and work.

How it works?

Lens Launcher review

On the Google Play store The Lens Launcher can be downloaded for free. Once you have it downloaded the install option shows on the screen automatically. What stands out right away visually is the small size of the app’s icons, so that all of the apps can fit on a single page. It has no app drawer, and even the usual home screen dock has been left out.

The Lens Launcher looks at all apps as being important and so it puts them on the same page with the original app icon. Regardless of how many apps you add on your phone, the Launcher places them all on the same page adjusting the size of the app icons so that they all fit.

Lens Launcher for Android

Even though there are no app labels, once you get the hang of it, finding your apps becomes easy. The launcher lets users modify the icon size, the scale factor, and the animation time of the interface in the Lens Launcher settings.

The goal is to save time that is wasted on scrolling through long lists of apps or sliding through multiple pages. The launcher gives a fish eye lens view of an app when you tap and move your finger on the screen. Hold your finger over it and then remove it to open the app.

Is it worth downloading?

Lens Launcher

The Launcher lets users to change the background color by adding a plain color or by mixing two colors in the settings page. You can choose options like show the name of the app when you have zoomed on it or vibrate on app launch. It smoothly works without any lag or incessant ads which are so common among Android launchers.

The only limitation is the lacking of the instant apps slide at the bottom of the screen so even to make an immediate call you must look for the phone icon. There is no search button, which is a useful tool for finding apps when you have too many apps on your phone. For big screen phones, which are very common these days, many users find having all the app icons on one screen very useful.

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