2016 Rumors – Next Nexus Flagship Is Ready to Debut


In this article we look at the upcoming revisions that the next Nexus will have, especially with regard to the new OS, Android 7.0.

Night mode

Soon flagship smartphones are going to be introducing Night Mode or Night Shift, designed to give the user a more sleep-friendly mobile experience. Apple has released the same feature in their iOS 9.3 updates for 64 bit phones, and Google is going in the same direction with Android N. The new feature will become official on Nexus 2016 devices before being released to other Android handsets.

New settings app

nexus settings

The 2016 Nexus is getting faster and growing more powerful than the previous models. It would seem that the main focus of the Android N upgrade is the modification of the mobile operating systems on the user interface, making it simpler, leaner, and easier to navigate.

One change worth mentioning is the introduction of the Nexus side menu, making it simpler to switch between the setting sections. You’ll enjoy smoother transition animation, a feature you can see throughout the OS.

Regular, quicker security fix

Google installs security fix to Nexus devices on a monthly basis. Android N will further enhance this feature, and it’s planning to do the same on devices running stock Android along with all other Android-powered gadgets. Those using the next-generation Nexus flagships will get to keep enjoying this privilege along with the rest of the Android world when Android N becomes fully operational.

Reengineered notification panel

android n panel

You’ll enjoy the latest design for the notification dropdown panel in addition to animation and MD touch. One of the main changes you’ll notice is just how easy it is to reconfigure the settings icon for the user’s preferences. It is clear with the release of the Android N that Google is focusing on making every Android user a power user.

Quicker reply and action

The latest notification panel offers actionable alerts. For example, you can reply to text messages without leaving the panel or app. The same applies to your locked Android device. You can open your received SMS and reply without having to worry about entering the device lock codes.


android n multi-window

Samsung Android was the first to introduce multi-windows, but now Google is also offering this functionality that allows multitasking. For the next Nexus flagship, if you activate multitasking on your mobile device while in the landscape mode, as you turn the feature off your Nexus will return to portrait mode.

Material design 2.0

The latest UI and newest animation rendering will be unpacked with the Android N on the 2016 Nexus, but the designers will stick to their approach of material design, which was initially introduced with Android Lollipop. The Nexus 2016 will be the first to show off the MD version 2.0 for Android 7.0.

It is anticipated that Google will announce Android N or version 7.0 using its 2016 I/O event this May/June, as the release date of the Nexus 2016 flagship devices and the software nears.

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