Nova Launcher Prime Available for $0.99 in US, £0.10 in UK


One of the leading custom launchers in the market, Nova Launcher Prime has been marked down to $0.99 in the US and £0.10 in the UK.

This is possibly among the most heavily discounted applications available on Android. News about this big sale has sent users flocking to the Google Play Store to download the popular launcher, and for good reason – the discount is only good until December 15.

Customize your smartphone

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Installing a custom launcher is one quick and easy way to personalize your Android phone. Although it’s also known as a homescreen replacement app, it does more than just replace your smartphone’s homescreen. It can add animations, change icon layouts, tweak the way your phone responds to touch, modify the entire interface of your smartphone and transform your overall navigation experience.

If you haven’t tried custom launchers before, you’re most likely running the default launcher that goes with your installed Android OS. Most users find the default one too simple, and seek out other classier or more adventurous themes. With the variety of custom launchers available online, it’s easy to find one that suits your personal style.

One custom launcher that has consistently managed to emerge as one of the best in the Android market is Nova Launcher, made by developer Kevin Barry and launched by TeslaCoil Software.

Nova Launcher comes in two versions – free and premium. As of to-date, over 10 million Android users have downloaded Nova Launcher’s free version, while over one million users have downloaded Nova Launcher Prime.

The free version is lightweight and simple, allowing for basic usage and customization. The core features such as icon themes, app and widget drawers, sub-grid positioning, color controls, and infinite scroll are already available in the free version.

However, the premium version, also known as Nova Launcher Prime, takes the game to a whole new level with its advanced settings.

Nova Launcher Prime’s premium features

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Aside from the basic ones, Nova Launcher Prime for Android has the following premium features available:

  • Gestures – launch your favorite applications and games straight from the home screen through selected “gestures” – swipe, double tap, pinch, and more.
  • Hide apps – keep rarely used applications out of sight to give your app drawer a sleeker look.
  • More scroll effects – make scrolling a lot more interesting with different scroll effects such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw.
  • Icon swipes – choose how your phone responds when you swipe on folders or app shortcuts.
  • Custom drawer groups – create new tabs or folders in the drawer to organize your installed applications and widgets.
  • Unread counts – keep track of all the messages you haven’t read with this handy counter badge (supports most messaging apps such as SMS, Hangouts, Gmail and more).

In order for the premium version to work, you should download the free version first. The reason for this is that Nova Launcher Prime does not act as a separate application. Instead, it acts as an upgrading license which unlocks the premium features.

Discounts across the globe

Nova Launcher Prime for Android is originally priced at around $5 in the United States and £3 in the United Kingdom, but it is discounted at $0.99 and £0.10 respectively until the 15th of December, 2015.

The discount isn’t only limited to the US and the UK. In Europe, particularly in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, the custom launcher carries a price tag of €0.10. In Russia, it can be bought for just 10RUB, while it is priced at 0.20AUD in Australia and Rs.10 in India.

In all other countries, Nova Launcher Prime is also available at heavily discounted prices for this limited period of time. You can simply check your local Google Play store to know the exact price for your country.

Get Nova Launcher Prime | $0.99

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