Polar’s First Android Wear Smartwatch Puts Fitness Ahead of Style


Polar created a smartwatch for people who desire more comprehensive fitness features than basic heart rate monitoring and step counting that you get with the majority of Android Wear devices. The M600, costs $329 and in the next few months it will be released. This Android Wear watch is like those from Casio, LG, Huawei, Moto, etc. However, Polar claims that theirs has been designed right from scratch with the focus on personal health.

Polar is waterproof, which means you can take to the pool to track your swimming exercise, there is a built-in GPS, and Polar claims their M600’s battery is good for up to 48 hours. True the battery life isn’t grand when you compare it to standalone fitness gadgets, but for Android Wear this number is very impressive, that is assuming the estimate it based on facts and not hype. That number is based on the gadget being paired with an Android phone,

How it works

Polar smartwatch review

It was at The Verge in both New York and San Francisco that Polar just demonstrated its first smartwatch. The company knows that there are other Android Wear products like the Moto 360 Sport being marketed to the fitness mass. But Polar recognizes that there is a difference between the two. This brand specializes in exercise and fitness, whereas Moto is an example of a traditional tech company swerving into the fitness market.

Polar’s M600 certainly appears to be a serious fitness companion. However, it’s not going to get any aware for style, since it’s bit and bulky, taking after the design of the Fitbit Surge. Then again if the Fitbit is cool enough for President Obama to wear it can’t be all that bad, and the M600 can’t be that bad either.

The 1.2” 240 x 240 display module pops out of the black silicone band. Sorry, if you want something more colorful, they have nothing to offer. At the base of the display is a quick access button that launches you quickly into exercise tracking, and there is a built in microphone for voice commands and dictation.

Polar smarthwatch specs

On the back of the display you will find a circular heart rate sensor with six LEDs. Polar claims this permits heart rate readings to consistently across various sports and activities. If you want more, the company also offers a chest strap HRMs that when paired with the watch gives you maximum accuracy. There is also a proprietary charger. The whole thing looks pretty sci-fi.

The Polar watch runs all of the Android Wear apps. Your daily activity can be synced to Google Fit and other software. However, it’s likely that you’ll be purchasing this for the in-depth training programs and fitness plans offered by the Polar Flow app.

This device can track just about any sport, monitoring your intensity level. You can choose from the custom watch faces to display your daily stats. The M600 can also track your more casual fitness tracking. If you are inactive for too long it will alert you, and it also monitors your sleep. More time will be needed with the M600 to see just how things come together, but the fitness design and the square screen are absolutely a break from other Android Wear devices.

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