Power-Saving Battery Tips for Your Google Nexus 5X


Although Google’s update to Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, has some good features, its 2,700 mAh battery is somewhat a let-down. Its standby time is good, but its power quickly drops when in use. Compared to other mobile phones, its battery isn’t much of a competitor, but it does charge really quickly. If you are a demanding phone user with a Nexus 5X, here are eight tips on how you could lengthen your phone’s battery life.

1. Use its Doze feature

Save more power by letting your phone Doze. Doze is a feature of Android Marshmallow which automatically puts your phone to sleep when it’s idle. There aren’t any settings or switches that you have to use to launch it; you just have to set your phone still with its screen off. However, once you nudge your phone or charge it, or if it receives a notification, the Doze mode will immediately stop.

Although it is quite tricky to use it, it can make a huge difference by saving up to double your normal battery life. You just have to master how to leave it completely static to trigger its Doze mode.

2. Avoid streaming

When streaming online videos and playing power-hungry games, Nexus 5X’s battery life seems to deplete faster than that of other phones. Instead of relying on your internet connection and drastically draining your phone’s power, why don’t you try storing media files on your phone’s storage space? Minimize your use of games and other power-hungry apps as well since these could consume a lot of your phone’s battery life.

3. Reduce your phone’s display brightness

It’s true for every phone that the brighter its screen, the more power it consumes. One of Nexus 5X’s most appealing feats is its bright and dense screen, and if you’re smart enough to prefer power-saving instead of visual appeal, you’d adjust its brightness. Lowering it can save more battery power, and adjusting its sleep timer to an adequate length wouldn’t hurt, either.

4. Always keep an extra charger ready

Some positive notes about Nexus 5X is that it charges quicker than most mobile phones (it takes only 80 minutes to fully recharge) and that it charges even faster when the battery is at its minimum point. Always keep a spare charger with you to load up your phone on some power. Even just 10 minutes of charging can add hours to your phone’s battery life.

Nexus 5X, however, does not support wireless charging, so it is really handy to keep an extra charger within reach.

5. Turn off your notifications

Receiving notifications is important, but if you’re in desperate need to conserve your phone’s battery life, you should turn your notifications off. It doesn’t only disturb your phone while in Doze mode, it also constantly lights up your power-exhausting screen as well, thus causing the phone to lose more battery life than usual.

6. Kill background apps

Always check to see the running apps on your device. A common mistake made by phone users is closing their apps abruptly, not knowing that those are still running in the background, which consumes more energy than intended.

Kill any running apps that you don’t actually need at the moment to extend your battery life. Try to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not needed as well, and pay close attention to apps which take information from your phone’s GPS.

7. Use a battery saver

Another way to conserve your phone’s battery power is to enable Nexus 5X’s Battery Saver. Go to Settings > Battery and tap the three-dot settings menu to turn it on and off. You’ll see orange bands at the upper and lower portion of your screen when the Battery Saver is on, and you might notice a slight hit on your phone’s performance as the Android powers your device down to consume less energy and preserve battery life.

You might not want to switch it on at all times as it affects your phone’s performance, but it’s very handy when your phone is about to run out of juice and a charger is nowhere to be found.

8. Don’t overcharge

Overcharging is a common habit done by most people intentionally and unintentionally, not knowing that it actually degrades the life of their phones’ batteries. Your phone may consume more power faster when overcharged. It won’t reach a hundred and ten percent no matter how long you extend its charging time.

Once your phone is fully charged, unplug it from its charger. Moreover, overcharging might cause your phone to overheat, which is bad for its battery life. Try not to leave the room or fall asleep while charging your phone so it doesn’t overcharge.


Which among those eight tips were your favorites? Do you have any battery saving tips of your own? Share them in the comments below, and let others know about your own Nexus 5X experience.

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