Snapchat Gets Bitmoji Widget Feature in the Latest Android App Patch


Snapchat the popular photo sharing and chatting app is rolling out a new feature for its Android users. While Snapchat has historically favored Apple’s operating system, with updates typically hitting iOS before making their way over to Android, the latest feature seems to buck that trend. On Friday, users noticed that the Android Snapchat app has made it possible to turn your friends’ Bitmoji into widgets on your home screen, which you can click on to open up a chat.

Of course, in order for this feature to work, both you and your friends will need to have Bitmoji.. After first testing the feature with Android beta users, Snap is updating its main iOS and Android app to allow people to create widgets of their best friends’ Bitmoji.

These shortcuts immediately open a text chat with that friend. For iOS users, the widget will only show up on the Today screen, as pictured above. Android users, however, can put the Bitmoji widgets wherever they like on the home screen.

How to enable the Bitmoji

How to link Bitmoji with Snapchat

First, navigate to the widget selection list on your launcher — usually by long-pressing on the homescreen. There you’ll notice that the Snapchat app is giving you to two widget options to choose from. You can either place a 4×1 best friend widget, which will provide you instant access to your most-contacted friends. While the other 1×1 widget allows you to simply place a single friends’ Bitmoji widget on the homescreen.

The friends added to the former 4×1 widget are selected automatically but you need to manually pick the latter 1×1 widget. Further, the widget can be customized beyond their default sizes — as per your needs.

This is the fun part as you might only see your friend’s face in the 1×1 widget but resizing it reveals different positions, as well as the complete body. So, go install the latest beta and add your friends to the homescreen and build an emojified version of yourself to be added to others’ home screens as well.

The move to essentially digitize more and more of your friendships via Snapchat is currently available only in the Android app, and it’s unclear whether iOS users will be getting the feature anytime soon.

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