3 Easy Tips to Tighten Your Android Phone’s Security


Google is well aware that Android has a reputation for not having the most secure platform there is, which perhaps is why they decided now was a good time to help out Android users by publishing a list of four key tips to help make your device more secure. Power users may find some of these tips fairly obvious, but for newcomers there is certainly some very useful information here

1. Download your apps from Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google is quick to point out and tell all Android users they should get all of their apps from the official Google Play Store. While the Google Play Store may not be perfect as in the past we’ve seen plenty of shady apps for sale on the site, but still it’s a much safer place to get your apps than any third-party stores.

2. Use Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager

Next, Google suggests that you learn how to use your Android Device Manager, which is the program that lets you locate, lock, or remotely wipe your phone if it is stolen. If you have not yet enabled Android Device Manager, you can do so by following these steps at this link. You should also make sure that you enable your phone’s encryption, which can be turned on by going to your Settings, then to Security and then tapping Encrypt Phone.

3. Manage your apps’ permissions

Apps' permissions on Android

Lastly, Google says take advantage of Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s ability to manage your app’s permissions and to decide what regions on your phone will different apps on your device be able to access. The problem is that right now only 1% of Android devices actually are running on Marshmallow so if you have a device that doesn’t have this most current software you are out of luck.

These practices may not make your Android 100% secure, but they are going to make it much harder for thieves and hackers to compromise.

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