Top 6 Puzzle Games for Android


Puzzle games are fun any time of the year, but this especially true during the winter months when we are at home for longer periods of time and spend more time with our electronic gadgets. This is one of the reasons we have been having a look at the latest puzzle games and determining which are the best. Here are the 6 best puzzle games for Android.

Little Inferno

Little Inferno Screenshot

Little Inferno is part social commentary, part puzzle, and part addictive game that is just about impossible to stop playing. If you think you spend too much time tapping on your screen now, you’ll discover you’re spending even more time doing it with Little Inferno. You will be playing the game as a young boy in a little snowy village who joyously owns the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, a device that persuades other children to burn their toys and other items so that they could watch the gorgeous flames.

Little Inferno is soaked with symbolism and metaphors – after all, the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is a sparkly shiny box that requires you to interact while giving up on normal social interaction, and it comes with a superb story. If you want a game with some depth that keeps you thinking, then you will want to try Little Inferno.

Get Little Inferno | $1.99


strata screenshot

Enticing, calming, charming and innovative, Strata is a puzzle game for your Android device that you will want to check out. You will be weaving ribbons across the grids, focusing on getting the correct colors laid across the correct squares. Each ribbon you thread goes together with a sustained piano note and strings. It’s very meditative and challenging at the same time – quite an interesting blend.

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Super Hexagon

super hexagon screenshot

Super Hexagon is the perfect pick-me-up Android puzzle game, and it’s certainly a time killer. Your goal is to guide a small triangle through a maze. You will accomplish this by rotating your screen to a thumping beat. You may be surprised to discover just how unbelievably difficult this game is, but at all times it is fair, requiring great reflexes, accuracy and speed.

Get Super Hexagon | $2.99

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Bubble Witch Saga 2 Screenshot

This is one of those games you either love or hate. That’s no surprise since King has the ability to create addictive games that appeal to the masses. Bubble Witch 2 Saga is another sure-fire game from King that is a style puzzler. Don’t let the name fool you.

It uses a formula that’s similar to the classic ‘puzzle bobble’-type games. You, as the player, have to focus on removing the colored bubbles hanging at the top of each screen. You do this by shooting them with bubbles of a matching color. It’s a game that’s easy to play and, combined with the characteristically dreamy music and brilliant colors, it provides for a pleasant and inoffensive experience. Best of all, the game is free!

Get Bubble Witch 2 Saga | Free


rymdkapsel screenshot

What’s more of a challenge – saying the name or playing the game? While this might be open to debate by many, most would agree that not only is rymdkapsel hard to say, it’s quite a challenge to play as well.  But the game is brilliant.

Rymdkapsel is a wonderfully abstract puzzle game/management simulator set in space. It’s built around the construction of a space station and sustaining its population while trying to reach given objectives. You will order the little minions to go to work on your space station, upgrading it with reactors, extractors, and your own weapons bay for your defense, along with other space station needs.

For the most part, it is a meditative game, and there is a serene soundtrack that plays along, becoming frantic when your minions are working hard and an airstrike is about to destroy them. The enemy airstrikes start to occur more often as the game progresses, with the difficulty increasing.

Rymdkapsel is a minimalistic but clever game, and it isn’t bogged down with in-app purchases. It’s quite inspirational, give it a try.

Get rymdkapsel | $4.00


Kiwanuka Screenshot

This is a game where the rubber meets the road – in other words, the puzzle meets the platformer. You can enjoy the unique art style while the gameplay is suggestive of the unforgettable Lemmings that is adored universally. There’s no question that Kiwanuka got a lot of things right.

In Kiwanuka, you play as a guide that leads a group of travelers to freedom, crossing dangerous terrain. You will press the guide’s staff and then drag it outwards, creating a bolt of lightning which the travelers follow. It simply starts with walking them to the end of each stage, but as the game progresses, you find more ways to use your staff to cross canyons and keep away from the fatal fluorescent pink mountains.

The game features awesome trippy Eastern music, mostly playing when you finish a stage, and it has a sense of innovation that many other games don’t have. While some additional contextualization on who the tribe is and why this wizard carries a lightning staff would have been helpful, the level design is definitely imaginative, and the art direction is positively radical. Overall, it’s an excellent package for your money.

Get Kiwanuka | $2.99

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