4 Top Root Apps for Android You Can’t Miss


If you have made the decision to root your phone, you’re going to enjoy a lot of treats that include modifications, tweaks, and custom ROMs. Once you are rooted, there are many Android root apps you can install to do the heavy work for you. Here are the best root apps for Android.

AdBlock Plus – best ad blocker


Getting an ad blocker is one of the first things any rooted Android owner needs to do. For the most part, the websites you love the most are mostly paid for by ads, but if you don’t care how they make their money and just want to make sure you don’t see the ads, then AdBlock Plus is the best solution. After being banned for years, you can now download AdBlock Plus from the Google Play store.

Get AdBlock Plus | Free

Viper4AndroidFX – best app for audio control


If you are serious about your rooted Android phone’s audio output, you will want this app installed. There are way too many features to mention, but you can start by going crazy with the EQ mode settings. You can enjoy near-lossless sound quality, get Hi-Fi sound in your headphones, manage your system audio settings to work on any third-party or system app, and optimize your speaker output. Find the latest supported version at XDA Developers.

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Greenify – best app for battery optimization


Greenify is an amazing battery optimizer even without rooting, however, with root privileges it really shines. Greenify, which is an app-hibernation tool, allows you to control when apps are awaken and when they are put to sleep. The most current update has a “Shallow Hibernation” engine for Android Marshmallow.

Get Greenify | Free

Diskdigger Pro file recovery – best app for recovering lost files


The ability to recover lost SMS files, data, and photos is important. When you are rooted, more solutions become available. If you delete files, photos, or something else off your phone by accident, DiskDigger is able to instantly recover it without losing a second, which is of utmost importance.

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