Upcoming: Samsung Galaxy S7 Features, Price, and Release Date


While the new Samsung Galaxy S7 still has a few months before being released, we already know some things about its features. Although the release date is yet to be revealed, it would surely cost just as much as the Galaxy S6, and rumors are about that there might be a S7 Edge as well. Have a look at what we know about Galaxy S7’s specs, release date, price, and other rumors below.

S7 to use three different processors

A report from SamMobile suggests that Samsung is planning to use three different chips for the S7: Exynos 7422 for India, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 for China and the US, and Exynos 8890 for Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Ever since Samsung replaced the Snapdragon 810 chip for their Galaxy devices with their own Exynos processors in 2015, they have had a strained relationship with Qualcomm. However, Samsung and Qualcomm seem to be back in collaboration.

Exclusive rights to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820


Although it remains a rumor, a post from Weibo implied that Samsung might have absolute rights to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip until April 2016. No proof has been shown, but if it proves to be true, it means Samsung has secured a month of sales where it has the only devices on the market powered by the 820 chipset. This would be bad news for other smartphone manufacturers, as they would have to withhold the sale of their own 820-powered devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 premium

Aside from the rumored Galaxy S7 Edge, another rumor arose on gforgames.com about a possible premium edition of Samsung Galaxy S7, exclusive for South Korea. Furthermore, the rumored premium version is said to use a 14-core version of the Mali T880 GPU, different from the 12-core version on the S7.

A report from Korea insinuated that Galaxy S7 would be designed similarly to S6.

galaxy s7 photo

Samsung sees minimal importance in spending more time and money to reinvent a design which has proven to be successful, according to Korea Times. It also stated that Samsung prefers to focus on improving the speed, display quality, and cost of the S7, as they see these factors as determining the success of a new smartphone.

The only visible difference is the home button, which is now rectangular in shape. The front camera in S7 is at the far right of the top panel, and the sim card slot at the back was moved to the right-hand side.

With all the rumors about the S7’s design, it can be speculated that it won’t be featuring a USB Type-C charger, but a micro USB instead.

MicroSD card to be reinstated

A rumor from HDBLOG.it stated that Samsung is considering bringing back a microSD slot in the Galaxy S7, compatible with cards of up to 200 GB.

The revival of a microSD card slot is sure to raise some excitement among the masses, as there was global outrage when Samsung decided to exclude removable storage from their products in 2015. Questions about the company’s reasoning have come about ever since.

Increased battery capacities


The new S7 and rumored S7 Edge are said to have higher battery capacities. Both devices are set to pack 3,000 mAh and 3,600 mAh, respectively.

Force Touch technology

Back in April 2014, a patent filed by Samsung hinted that the company had been working on its own 3D technology. A system where different options resulted from different voltages was described.



Recently, Samsung exhibited a 20 MP camera with 1.0 micron in a published solution brief, giving it the ability to be inserted in thinner smartphones. The RWB color pattern of the camera also enhances light sensitivity, Samsung claims.


galaxy s7

With Sony Xperia Z5 Premium coming up with a 4K display, the QHD display of Galaxy Note 5 was downplayed. However, we might see the same 4K display in the upcoming S7. It is also rumored that Samsung is planning to replace Corning’s Gorilla glass with a new Turtle Glass, which may also be seen in the release of the Galaxy S7.


Anyone who has an idea of how much Galaxy S6 costs would be expecting the new galaxy S7 to be quite expensive. Although rumors of a 4K display are yet to be proven, a price increase can be expected, especially if the base model’s internal storage goes from 32 GB to 64 GB.

Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang, however, surmised that the Galaxy S7 would have a 10 percent decrease as compared to the price of the Galaxy S6. This rumor seems only to be a speculation, so don’t get too excited. Jiutang also mentioned that the S7 is likely to be above the 3,000-CNY price range, meaning that it will cost more than US$460.

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