4 Very Useful Root Apps for Any Android Device


If you have decided to root your phone, you are in for a real treat thanks to plenty of new tweaks, customization, and modification of ROM that are available. After you are rooted, you will be able to install numerous Android root apps. These apps use root privileges to take care of a lot of the tough stuff for you. Here are four of the best root apps for Android that you should check out.

#1 ES File Explorer – one of the best root file managers

es file manager

No root user should ever be without a top-notch file manager. There are many good file explorers around, like Cabinet or Total Commander, but many would agree one of the best is ES File Explorer. You could choose a root-only file manager, but the majority of these file managers include a root explorer. In truth, it is really about you finding a file manager that you like the look and feel of.

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#2 ROM Manager – one of the best apps for managing custom ROMs

rom manager

If you are already rooted and you would like to begin looking into the superb world of custom kernels and ROMs, then one of the root apps you simply must have is ROM Manager. For the most part, this single app will rule them all, and it will help you to manage your recoveries, kernels, and ROMs. Essentially, ROM Manager does everything a rooted tweaker could possibly need to keep track of.

There’s also a premium version with even more advanced features.

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#3 Rec – one of the best apps for screen recording


For most Android users, screen recording may not be of any use, but for some it’s vital. If you are a bug-catcher, gamer, or the go-to-guy for your friends that are dealing with Android issues, then having the ability to screen-record will be a real benefit. Rec is the best root app to accomplish that. You will see your descriptive language skills vanish, as you will be saying everything using recorded actions instead of words.

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#4 Device Control – one of the best apps for CPU and kernel tweaks

device control

Once you are rooted, you can under-volt or over-clock your Android. Basically, these are simply terms meaning increasing your CPU’s power or limiting the juice used by your battery. Device Control provides you with these options and much more, such as display management, sound, Tasker integration, and a build.prop editor.

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