XnSpy Review: A Genuine Way to Monitor Cell Phone Activity


Did you know that it is possible to monitor cell phone activity without holding a phone in your hands all the time? Xnspy is taking things further for monitoring target mobile devices. This app has numerous features, which allow users to see almost everything a target person does with his or her mobile device. Be it any iOS or Android device, users can track the target’s online activities without holding their devices in hand.

If you have used a LINE spy app earlier, you will find this app familiar, but a bit more advanced. That’s because it is not limited to simply monitoring one app installed on the target device. With this app, you can monitor other things like incoming and outgoing emails, text messages, conversations on other IM Chats (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, and KIK including LINE).

Let’s look at some of the most useful features in the app and see how they make tracking people easier.

How to use Xnspy to monitor cell phones


First, you have to install the app on a target device. It may be Android (rooted or non-rooted) or iOS (jailbroken or non-jailbroken) device. Upon subscription, you will receive an email containing the download link and the access details for your control panel.

Users of non-jailbroken version don’t need to install the app on the target device. They can access all the data via iCloud. For non-jailbroken devices, users must make sure they check settings on the target device. Make sure to enable iCloud synchronization if it’s not already enabled.

XnSpy review

From the dashboard, you can simply click on each feature to see what the target person has been doing. For example, if you select “SMS”, you will be able to see all incoming and outgoing text message conversations. Users can watchlist specific words with this app. This means that whenever the target person uses those words, the app can send alerts.

The app allows users to customize the app according to their preferences. From the settings, you can easily access different features to customize them.

Just like watch-listing words, users can also watchlist contacts in the phone book including emails, and watchlist places too. The idea about using the watchlist feature is to provide robust ways to monitor cell phone and other mobile devices. Whenever there is any watchlisted contact calling or writing to the target person, the app alerts you. Likewise, if the target device enters or leaves any watchlisted area, the app alerts you. Interestingly, you can toggle all feature alerts in the app.

You can also see all photos and videos on the target device. This app shows the source of the multimedia files. Unlike the LINE spy app, this app provides complete access to internet messenger activities, including the call logs.

Remote control of the target device


The general purpose of such apps is to enable users to monitor mobile device users. Parents and employers or even spouses want to know what specific people are doing if they notice disturbing behavior. Sometimes, kids get themselves involved with the wrong kinds of people at school or online. Sometimes employees start stealing company secrets and valuable information to share them with competitors for rewards. At other times, spouses feel their partners are disloyal or forced into having relations with unwanted people.

With Xnspy, you can record calls, and ambient surroundings to listen to what people talk about and with whom they are busy on calls. You can lock the device remotely if you don’t want the target person to use it. If there are certain apps that you feel the target must refrain from using, then with this app, you can block them.

Another interesting remote control feature this app offers is taking screenshots. With this, you can gather proof of certain activities before talking to the target person about them. In extreme cases, you may want to wipe off the entire data on the cell phone to protect the information on the target device. Xnspy allows this too.

XnSpy mobile

In every feature, you can find the timestamps telling you when each activity happened. In fact, you can also know where the target device was at the time of making calls and sending or receiving calls. The GPS tracker in the app uses Google maps and provides real-time updates.

Are you using a LINE spy app? Would you want to monitor cell phone usage effectively? Why don’t you let us know what you think about using monitoring apps? We would like to know your opinions through feedback in the comments below.

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